In order to sell on our site you will need to purchase a one year subscription from our shop priced at £10 GBP.

Once subscribed and registered with us you are then ready to sell your first item (engines or boilers only for private sellers but please ask if you have something that may work on this site). When ready you can contact us and we will list the item for you.

You will be asked for...

  1. Up to 6 good photos.
  2. A clear description and condition report.
  3. Your location (only country will be visible in the listing)
  4. Your Paypal email (will not be visible in the listing)
  5. Your asking price.

We will Not handle any of the payments. We will add our 5% fee to the asking price so that the buyers fee is already included in the listing. When sold we will then invoice the seller for 10% of the sale price, the seller already having been paid 5% over the original asking price. Failure to pay the fees will result in a termination of subscription.

When the buyer makes their purchase thier contact details will be passed on by us to the seller. This then becomes a private sale between the two parties. Buyer and seller will arrange shipping costs or collection between themselves.

We will be inviting some business sellers to use our website, but if you are a business seller and would like to join us, please feel free to get in touch.

Any other questions, please use the contact us at the top of the page and we`ll be happy to help.